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Lonny Dill

Video Production Professional ● Cell:  775-525-4383 ● LinkedIn:

Commercial video production, photo professional and technologist with 25+ years of experience creating branded content for communications, public relations, marketing, product ads, service ads, convention & event media, customer testimonials, philanthropy promotion and community relations.

Over the last 6 years, between 2017 and 2023 I worked at the Microsoft Americas Operations Center under Microsoft Business Operations.   I reported to the Reno public relations and communications manager and the IT Manager to produce internally and externally branded content.     This role required working directly with senior leadership and involved every aspect of the production process including conceptualizing, capturing, editing, and rendering files for delivery and upload to corporate communications, websites or social sites.  I was responsible for the entire video production department and all the assets.   I was responsible for setting up and running large hybrid town halls in the cafetorium or expanding any meeting experience that required additional personnel or A/V gear to improve the overall meeting experience.  Further responsibilities included setting up, networking and maintaining the NAS archiving system.  


Video production often appears quite simple on the surface.    However, larger corporate productions require several professionals and SMEs to work together as a team to create the highest quality content.    Engaging content will require assembling a multitude of assets including interviews, b-roll, illustrations, animations, narration, music, stingers, transition effects, lower 3rd titles, graphics, branding, fonts, color schemes, sound effects and more to captivate the audience.   

Understanding the audience is the critical starting point and it is the video producers responsibility to serve that stakeholder with the ideal solution.      

Incorporating a video professional into your organization will alleviate a huge amount of anxiety by offering support that can unburden any marketing, communications or social media director to create content on a continual basis which will further build your brand, promote your products, educate your employees or sell your services.   

In this age of AI, Generative AI is a critical component of nearly all post production.  Since there isn't a click a button, make a movie AI, a commercial video producer acts as a skilled compositor to combine several generative elements into a finished production.

Generative AI is just another powerful tool just like a video camera that can be used to improve any production.


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