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Lonny Dill

Video Production Professional ● Cell:  775-525-4383 ● LinkedIn:

Audio, Video and IT creative technologist with 25+ years of experience.   

During the last 6+ years I supported the Microsoft public relations and communications director to produce internally and externally branded content.     The process included every aspect of media production including conceptualizing, capturing, editing, and rendering files for delivery or for upload to websites or social sites.


Primary role was working under the Microsoft Reno IT Manager to offer audio, video, IT support for the Microsoft Americas Operations Center.   This included video production support, technical support for leadership and crew lead for the AV team to set up, configure, test, and run IT / AV during global town hall meetings.  

Video production seems quite simple on the surface.    However, larger productions require several production professionals to work together as a team to create the highest quality out of all of the resources while maximizing the production budget.   If you've taken on the responsibility of producing a video and you need a professional that has the experience then please reach out.   

Incorporating a video professional into your organization will alleviate a huge amount of anxiety by offering support that can unburden any marketing, communications or social media director to create content on a continual basis which will further build your brand, promote your products, educate your employees or sell your services.   


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